My cell phone can cook an egg?

For what has been eternity the battle has been waging with cell phone companies saying that there is no risk with using cell phones. What do I read now? Two Russians have successfully cooked an egg using 2 cell phones. Is this not irrefutable proof that we are scrambling our brains voluntarily every time we answer our cell phones?

And then we wonder why there are so many cases of cancer these days, and the multitude of other symptoms that seem to be appearing out of thin air. All along we have but ourselves to blame.

For those interested in reading the experiment that was conducted, I’ve included it here. (I did not conduct this experiment, I am not responsible for the findings and I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the authenticity of this experiment. However i do say, its better to be safe than sorry.)

Enjoy the interesting article How Two Russian Journalists Cooked an Egg with their Mobile Phones.


Vladimir Lagovski and Andrei Moiseynko from Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper in Moscow decided to learn first-hand how harmful cell phones are.

There is no magic in cooking with your cell phone. The secret is in the radio waves that the cell phone radiates.

The journalists created a simple microwave structure as shown in the picture. They called from one cell phone to the other and left both phones on talking mode. They placed a tape recorder next to phones to imitate sounds of speaking so the phones would stay on.


After, 15 minutes: The egg became slightly warm.
25 minutes: The egg became very warm.
40 minutes: The egg became very hot.
65 minutes: The egg was cooked. (As you can see.)


Conclusion ..1: Cooking eggs with mobile phones is possible but very expensive ($4.55 or 123 Rubles)

Conclusion ..2: All this talk of danger is exaggerated; even if your brain gets cooked, it would take a couple hours of talking on a cell phone.

I might add, it takes approximately 2 minutes of speaking on a cellular phone for the radiation to cross the protective Blood Brain Barrier. So whenever there is a land line available use it in preference to your cell.

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44 thoughts on “My cell phone can cook an egg?

  1. B. Johnson

    “I might add, it takes approximately 2 minutes of speaking on a cellular phone for the radiation to cross the protective Blood Brain Barrier.”

    I wasn’t aware that the blood / brain barrier protected from radiation of any type.
    I was under the impression that the blood / brain barrier involved only substances in the blood. eg. Certain molecules are unable to cross over from the blood into the brain tissue.

  2. Garrett Pennell

    I wouldn’t worry about this. Anyone who has been on a cell phone long enough has felt it get hot next to their ear. That isn’t the warmth from the device, it’s the microwaves exciting the water molecules in your skin (and sweat glands).

    Your natural reaction is to switch to the other ear, and so you do, before you cook yourself. And once it’s too uncomfortable, you get off the phone altogether.

    There have been studies that have claimed a higher cancer rate from use of cellular technology, and there have been an equal, if not greater, number of studies which have refuted that claim. If it was that big of a problem, it would lean significantly towards cell phones being harmful.

    I don’t think they are. The question comes down to this:

    Is the wavelength for microwave radiation the correct wavelength to damage DNA, as it is with gamma radiation?

  3. Reality

    C’mon…these jokers are journalists, not scientists…I hope they didn’t want us to take this seriously…

  4. Kaiten

    Good article but where is the control in the experiment? What was the climate like in the room where the room was tested? Were the eggs refridgerator until right before the experiment? I need more information to take this whole-heartdly.

  5. Martin Platt

    Interesting but – an egg does not have a cooling system whereas are heads have a very effecient one. Our blood system would have more than enough time to transmit away any excess heat before it did any damage. Cell phones are therefore, so far, still in the clear.

    Yet another example of so called ‘research’ producing apparently scary but, in fact, totally uselss results.

  6. Skeptic

    Cell phones can and do make heat, like all electical devices, but the wattage is too low and the wavelength too long to “cook an egg”. Smells like a hoax to me. Its not like these guys look like scientists.

  7. Rational Human Being

    Never underestimate the willingnes sof the general public to suck up any crock of crap that might provide interesting gab at the water cooler. BTW! Did you hear that Mars will soon appear as large as the moon in our night sky!!! OMG! Gotta run there is a guy down the street giving away hundred dollar bills

    (Long live paper and scissors)

  8. Barney Google

    I believe it completely because I took a good look at their pictures in the lead photograph and if they don’t look like serious, seasoned, researchers, then I don’t know what. Like, ya know.

  9. Wtf

    How is cooking eggs with your cell phone useless information? I will never be without a hardboiled egg again!!!! and now.. frying bacon on my CRT monitor!

  10. stupid

    Ok hello people when you call another cell phone your signal does not go directly from your phone to thier phone. It goes to a cell tower across land lines to another cell tower to be rebrodcast to the other cell. setting the phones next to eachother and calling each other is not going to cause any more significant radiation

  11. wws

    It was the tape recorder that cooked the egg.
    50 watts (100 watts ?) of mechanical energy had to go somewhere.

  12. roy

    is it just me or does anyone else see the irony of using three cig packs in this experiment. just sayin’.

  13. Adam

    if you don’t believe it because they are just journalists, not scientists

    or they look gay

    or funny looking

    or because your mom is really a man

    why not so it yourself?

    i plan on doing it this weekend
    when it won’t cost me a thousand dollars in minutes on my cell phone plan

    you’re all weak

  14. Mitch

    This is not a scientific study. Those are not real results. Why are we even talking about this?

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  16. foobar

    Good article but where is the control in the experiment? What was the climate like in the room where the room was tested? Were the eggs refridgerator until right before the experiment? I need more information to take this whole-heartdly.

    Thats a good point. I remember this one time, I was watching some people burn wood, trying to prove that it was flamable. I said, “You cant prove that wood is flamable! Just ’cause you saw it burn! Where’s your control!? What is the climate in the room right now? It could be hot enough to make the wood look like its burning. Was the wood refridgerated before hand? I need more information to take this whole-heartedly”
    They didnt have anything to say to me after that, which I took as an admission of how right I really was.

  17. Marty

    Never saw Johnny Cochran outside of a courtroom w/o his cell phone to his head. Died of an inoperatable brain tumor. Cell phones are putting off radiation any time that they are on whether u are talking on them or not. Sit in a movie theater w/ all that radiation around you… want your children exposed to this w/o checking it out? Perform the experiment yourself! When I welded on radar towers on ships they took personal info from me in case someone turned it on while i was on the tower. Cooks u from the inside out, and very quickly.

  18. M. Dobers

    If you partially cook something can it be uncooked? I think cell use is accumulative and over time much cell damage will be done.

  19. Dr.amir

    that’s great
    i think that microwaves are more hazardous that we know. i have studied an article that it was about cellphones and i understand there is a linear relation between hours that we use our cell phone and decrease of number of sperms.
    so be careful microwaves are cause of smoe cancers.

  20. jonathan

    1. Those are some goofy looking Russians. Who can take them seriously? The guy on the left is stoned and the guy on the right is missing all his teeth.
    2. Those are cigarette packs with top ripped off holding the cell phones and another propping the egg up.
    3. They are Russians and you can’t trust those commie bastards!
    4. Any wonder why we won the Cold War?????

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  22. Vladimir

    A cell phone battery doesn’t actually carry enough charge to heat an egg to the required temparature.

    Skip the following figures if you don’t care for physics:
    A fairly average 3.6V mobile phone battery stores 730 mAh, which is 2,6 Wh (Watt hours) of electric energy. This is 1.7 kcal or enough to warm a 60g egg by 28 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). In other words, if all the energy used by the cell phone was converted into microwave energy (a lot of the electricity warms the silicon in the electronics and the display and thus just warms the handset) and all that energy were to radiate *only* at the egg and in no other direction, the egg would barely reach body temparture before the battery goes dead. In practice only a fraction of the energy would turn into microwave radiation that warms the egg. The numbers simply don’t add up. Given the known specification of mobile phone patteries and the laws of physics it’s doubtful if even dozends of mobile phones piled around it were capacble of boiling an egg

  23. Wayne

    ever heard of concentric circles?

    basically the name of the device, “cell” means it operates within a physical division or cell and the way it does this is by means of transmitting and receiving of digital information through pulses of analog frequency modulation. To break it down, the cell sends signal in pulses when not in use and when in use it sends and receives both ways but does so in pulses that radiate from the antenna and creates ripples like dropping a pebble into a pond. These waves work around the same center and the power is really not that much but because they are directed to stimulate the electrons within the antenna and the tower then it is enough to “move” or vibrate the electrons at an atomic level. The amplitude is not taken into effect of the true peak value of the radiation, and the difference between one crest and trough determins the cycle and frequency and amplitude. So the effect of a cellphone radiating is increased exponentially the closer you are to the unit, but if you find a sweet spot where two phones can bounce back and fourth the same electron in a cell because of two independent radiation sources, it may be enough over time to increase the frictional heat between the electrons of the atoms within that very narrow nanometer of the thin layer of egg that falls between the crest of one wave and the trough of another, therefore heating it up over and over in very very tiny increments over time. The rest of the egg would stay cool but that one small area would heat up. It is fact that radiation is able to vibrate electrons when targeting that particular element. Its called a microwave. It is also true that by doubling the emitter power by use of two cellphone radiators, the natural measured and safe dissipation of radiation rules are all exceeded and the way our biological body works to “deal” with the artificial radiation tolerance has been cut in half. Proof of the double of power is seen in bridging a car amplifier. If you connect a speaker to the terminals of the source DC battery, its excursion would be about a half inch to 3/4 inch in one direction and stay there. If you tapped the power lead and did this over and over quickly, you could see the maximum excursion on the driver would be still maximum 3/4 of an inch with a little resonnance. If you connected the output of one channel of the amplifier to the driver and maxed its signal the drivers excursion would be the same as the maximum power of the source but with a waveform pattern. The trick of “bridging” the amplifier increases the total power output by almost 2x by doubling the range of motion because the power is now transformed and controlled in such a way that the movement can increase up and down or positive and then negative alternately with the same source power, but it gets used much more effectively. This is not at all a direct comparison to how cellphones transmit their signals, however it can be estimated that the effect of the “harmful” wave is doubled and perhaps even moreso due to the random patterns created by the two unattached devices within the electrons being stimulated in the tissue.

    I’m tired and going to bed, i came across this as i searched to see if the nokia phone i just struggled to complete an important conversation on could affect my headache, and after 29min it became unbearable and even after switching ear to ear.

    After writing my headache is gone, phone is charging in other room.

    Thumbs up to bluetooth headsets with their 10% power emittance. Now I can talk 10x longer before having to get the hell away from that techno junk!


  24. Wayne

    In addition to the post above…

    The difference in the effect of non-bridged amplifier v.s. the bridged amplifier is like 1 v.s. 2 cellphones in close proximity.

    If you connect the speaker terminals to the 12v battery the driver would only be pulled in one direction and stay there. It is a safe measured reaction to the input and deemed safe and non hazardous. If you repeated this several times per second the driver would jump or pulse with each connect/disconnect as the electromagnetic field would react to the magnet and repel or attract.

    Now bridging would introduce an entirely new measurment from the same source power. If you could connect the terminals matching up Positive to positive on the battery and negative to negative the driver would be pulled toward the magnet and if you quickly switched these leads positive to negative the driver would be pushed out away from the magnet because the field is now reversed. The result of the signal can be visibly seen by the movement of the driver. If you alternated the polarity quickly enough the driver would “bottom out” or exceed its natural motion limits because the 12v now becomes a 24v difference over time. This inductive reaction is rarely measured and with both cellphones the real measurable radiation would be effectively increased even with the measly output power rating of the battery, the signal is the culprit because it is as effective as a super sized powerful battery.

    Proof of this is seen when you have a flashlight with a very low battery inside. Turn it off for a second and then on, you see light! How if the battery is dead? Well it has a chance to return its electrons to a state of difference quickly before they are “shorted” through the circuit again. Cellphones are now all digital and can now be on standby for a week and when they were analog they would last maximum 3 days standby. The battery is small and less powerful. The trick is the pulse they use, it is momentary and therefor the effective load is less than one of a constant load.

    That same flashlight can be taken into the bathtub with you and nothing would happen to you electrically, maybe chemically, but if you tried dropping your flourescent desk lamp in there with you i bet there would be a splash and a convulsion or two! They may have the same power rating but one uses alternating v.s. direct current. Its the alternating that carries and causes reaction within our body due to induction, or changing pulses of polarity or change from on/off states.

    All brain activity is carried on using induction, there is no physical connection between any nerves in our body, it is done with an electrical/chemical synapse that pulses electricity at about 15-17kHz or 15,000 times per second.

    Anything that shares that frequency can directly cause a flinch or glitch or convulsion within our body/mind. Provided it can be within receptive range of the emitter.

    Ok really its bed time now

    Night ALL, use your bluetooth or wired headsets! For real!

  25. Yusuf Asgerally Post author

    Looks like there has been more interest into the harmful effects of cell phones and people have been successful in popping pop corn with their cell phone.

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