The weekend gone by and what not

The weekend gone by, mixed with utter frustration and peaceful relaxation. How did I manage to get those two to come together, it’s quite simple. Just plan a nice relaxing vacation and then decide to fly there in US Airways. They are the worst airline in the history of mankind since our entry into the world of aviation. I will be writing about this in more detail. This post I’ll keep to more happy memories.

A visit to Atlanta, Georgia. What? Why would you want to go there? I got asked this question more times than I’d like to find a sane answer to, but asked this question I was. It was a new place that I have not visited before, and I’ve been looking forward to visiting the aquarium there for quite some time, so there. The plus side of it was that it was the final four weekend and I got to see a bunch of free concerts (panic at the disco, ludacris, etc… ), so there!

Now we’re stuck with this ridiculous cold spell in the middle of what should be spring! Hello, Mother earth? Are you listening to us? What’s going on over there… Can we get some spring already!

That’s pretty much all I have to say for now, but do check back to read about the atrocious treatment from US Airways which I’ll be posting soon.

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