This world is very small

It never ceases to amaze me how small this world is. When I decided to move to California, there was 4 people out here that I knew. Ohh well that’s not too bad is it? In the month I’ve been here I’ve found at least another 5 people out of the shadows of my past that I never knew was here in California, or for that matter even knew I knew. Bizzare!

The other day I was reading an amazing story that really does make you wonder how small this world is. A Vietnamese woman travelled to Taiwan to find her father she had never met before. While she was there she ended up working for a guy to care for his ailing wife. After guy’s wife died, woman left and went to work for someone else, leaving behind a locket and picture of her father (from his youth) at the guy’s house. When she realized that she had left the items there she contacted the police to request that they help her find them. They contact the guy and ask him to look in his house. He finds them, recognizes the guy in the picture as HIMSELF and the locket the same that he had given his lover 40 years ago! It turns out the woman had been working for her father for several months while she was looking for him and didn’t even know it. Needless to say they had a very joyful reunion. You can read the whole story here

Crazy? You deicde.

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3 thoughts on “This world is very small

  1. sam

    in UK, Adopted twin, when they was young, met each other later in life, fall in love, and got married without knowing they are twins. Was that in news couple of weeks ago?

    You see, that is why whenever we Sri Lankans met by accident, we always ask where are you from and somehow end up finding out been relatives to each other.