Thunder and lightning

I heard thunder and saw lightening last night! How amazing!!!

People tend to miss the strangest of things when not exposed to it. I mean, who would have thought that thunder and lightning were things to miss?

Sri Lanka had some of the best thunder and lightning out there. New York had some occasional breakouts that might have caused a tiny tot to crawl under the bed, but since moving out west I have not heard a single rumble since last night. YAY! I finally feel at home.

It’s one of those things that just make everything else seem weird when it’s not there. I really don’t quite know how else to explain it.

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2 thoughts on “Thunder and lightning

  1. N

    Dude ur telling me….I’ve heard thunder a grand total of once out here in SoCal….I dunno but rains a bit boring without the pyrotechnics:)