[Video] War Photography – In Harms Way

Photography has been a very strong passion of mine. But, why? There is a beauty in being able to capture an instance in life that in turn becomes part of history. Being able to capture not only a still of that instance but also the passion, the energy, the life that is packed into that instance is what all photographers strive to achieve.

To be able to make your photograph affect another person’s life is your ultimate goal. In effect letting them see and experience a part of what you have. Making them feel like they were right next to you when the picture was taken.

In this episode of “In harms Way“, we have a look at two war photographers who go into the Gaza strip and get a glimpse into what they experience.

This video is a great example of a war photographers life, I don’t necessarily agree with the ending of it and would have liked to see what pictures were finally used by the Israeli News media that purchased them and in what context, but nevertheless its a great insight into a conflict/war photographers life.

The video is linked after the jump.

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3 thoughts on “[Video] War Photography – In Harms Way

  1. Sean


    Yeah that was a great episode. To add to it, Alissa there is a friend of mine (I even am using the camera body she used to use before getting a nice upgrade). I was surprised to see her there and am fond of the work she’s doing.



  2. Yusuf Asgerally Post author

    Thanks Sean for your comment. Alissa’s work is indeed pretty amazing and very inspiring.

    I had a look at your site and the work that you do in Sri Lanka. Do you mind if i PM you and learn more?