[Food] Grilled Salmon with mixed vegetables

The finished Product
The plated dish

Here’s a really quick recipe to make a very easy, tasty and healthy dinner. All you need is a fillet of fish (I’ve used salmon here) some spices and a packet of frozen mixed vegetables from the super market.

Waiting to get dressed up

First you make a light marinate for your salmon.

In a bowl add some extra virgin olive oil or melted butter. (I’ve used the olive oil option) Add in some Mustard seeds, some cumin powder, fennel seeds, some salt, fresh ground pepper and some saffron and mix then all together.

The dressing waiting to get to know each other

Next lightly rub this over the Salmon on both sides and let it chill out for a few minutes. in the meanwhile you can drizzle some olive oil on to a frying pan and put that on the heat to warm up.

Everyone loves a good rub down

Once the oil is hot, put your Salmon in and let it grill for about a minute or two.

Chilling in the hot tub

When you start to see the side of the Salmon cook about 2/3rd of the way through turn it over and let the other side cook.

A nice grill crust

Once this is done place it on your plate. How to the mixed veggies. This should be thawed our before you start. Now just mix in some salt and pepper, some cumin powder, some sesame oil, and a pinch of red chillie powder into the vegetables and add it to your pan.

Color me veggie

Let it sizzle a little until they start to turn brown in color and you have some yummy veggies to go with your fish. Scoop onto your plate and get ready for dinner :-)

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  1. nishant

    I just had dinner a short while ago, but what the hell, I feel a ravening burning feeling in my stomach with all its juices churning in agitation, radiating to my brain its unhappiness at not having this juicy luscious morsel of fish in its loving tender digesting grasp. That is some photography man, gave my stomach eyes. Now, I gotta eat something or it will give me indigestion or something in retaliation for not giving it this lovely fish.. :)