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YouTube is changing the way we learn

Do you know how to make cheese? Do you know how to hang dry wall? Do you know how to move a pool table? How about your favorite curry?

I didn’t but Now I do. Not only do I know how to do these things, but I know multiple ways of doing each of these things and the pro’s and con’s of each method. I’ve also been empowered to take the best of each technique and come up with my own. All thanks for YouTube.

When ever I needed to do something that I did not know, I turned to the Internet. I read tutorials about the topic in question, and in the recent past watched online video tutorials and learned everything about it. I am never happy with just reading one article or just watching one tutorial. I usually read multiple articles and watch multiple video’s on the same thing by different people. This allows me to learn from many teachers. Learn each ones techniques, and come up with my own best of all worlds way of doing it.

I was doing this without really realizing what I was doing until I came across one particular video of cheese being made in a remote location in Europe (I think) This was during my quest to learn how to make the perfect cheese. While watching the lady made cheese the way she was taught and using a method that was probably handed down from generation to generation. There may be a easier/better way to make this cheese but that knowledge is not easily accessible to her, but because I have access to a resource such as YouTube, I can learn from multiple people and find the best way to make this cheese. Thats when I realized how empowered resources like YouTube has made me. How it has changed the way we learn and how accessible it has made knowledge to us. Video is a much more effective learning medium than a plain text article (like this blog post :) )

It is the same way with skilled trades. The traditional way is to apprentice with a master of the trade. Learn his/her ways and carry out the tradition. There is “one way” that you learn to do something and you continue doing it that way even if there is a better way of doing it because that is all you know; Unless your experiment on your own. This is now changing rapidly.

I would love to hear how you have noticed you life changed by online resources of this nature.

[Video] War Photography – In Harms Way

Photography has been a very strong passion of mine. But, why? There is a beauty in being able to capture an instance in life that in turn becomes part of history. Being able to capture not only a still of that instance but also the passion, the energy, the life that is packed into that instance is what all photographers strive to achieve.

To be able to make your photograph affect another person’s life is your ultimate goal. In effect letting them see and experience a part of what you have. Making them feel like they were right next to you when the picture was taken.

In this episode of “In harms Way“, we have a look at two war photographers who go into the Gaza strip and get a glimpse into what they experience.

This video is a great example of a war photographers life, I don’t necessarily agree with the ending of it and would have liked to see what pictures were finally used by the Israeli News media that purchased them and in what context, but nevertheless its a great insight into a conflict/war photographers life.

The video is linked after the jump. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day – what does it mean to you?

Valentine’s Day; The single most controversial day of the year. You either love it or hate it with a passion. It’s not like there is anything wrong with the day itself, but the overwhelming sense of “ I have to have a date” or “There is no one to share this day with” really bums out a lot of people.

I personally don’t really celebrate it. How can an over commercialized day be romantic? For those who have someone special to share the day with should not everyday be Valentine’s Day? Why do you need a day that’s engineered and powered by marketing strategy to show how much you love someone? The same goes for mother’s day, and father’s day and all the other days out there.

Today’s society is so fueled by these events it’s scary. The social pressure put on teens and tweens during these occasions are so great that we create problems where there is none. Depression, sulking, etc… all the product of these commercialized events that make children and adults feel outcasts and or left out if they are not a part of everyone else.

Utter rubbish I say. As a matter of principal I don’t celebrate the day. If you have someone special show that person how much you love him or her whenever you fell like it. If you need a day set by someone else to tell you to do something special something is wrong. I feel that many times the main problem in relationships that are not doing well is that people feel that once they have don’t their part on valentines they are good for the rest of the year. Yeah … you keep on believing that!

Just my two cents anyway, what do you think about commercialized holidays?

Weed ATMs?

Where would you expect the craziest of things to happen? Los Angeles of course! In an effort to outdo its self, Los Angeles has now become the home of the world first Weed Vending Machine!

No no no.. it was not a mistype. These units are being called “AVM’s: Anytime-Vending-Machines. “, and will be up and running this coming Monday. You will need a prescription to get your quota of up to 1 ounce a week, but then of course you knew they would not let you have it just scot free.

The AVM will be “fully secured in its own room,”, have “two dispensaries, and full-time security for your protection. The best part being that it’s open 24/7.

Link for address and phone number

The miracle of the human body

Just when you think you have got everything under control and you know how the human body works (well more or less) it goes and does something completely unexpected and stumps you. In this case a 15 year old girl switched her blood type.

This Australian girl was seriously ill and suffering from a failed liver when she underwent a liver transplant at a top Sydney children’s hospital. Nine months later they found out that her immune system had switched over to that of the donor. This happened when stem cells from her new liver migrated to her bone marrow, and thus changed her blood type.

Apparently this is the only known case so far and the hepatologist treating her, Michael Stormon is quoted as saying “It is extremely unusual — in fact we don’t know of any other instance in which this happened,”

This just goes to show that we really have no idea what’s going on inside us do we?

Link to news article

This world is very small

It never ceases to amaze me how small this world is. When I decided to move to California, there was 4 people out here that I knew. Ohh well that’s not too bad is it? In the month I’ve been here I’ve found at least another 5 people out of the shadows of my past that I never knew was here in California, or for that matter even knew I knew. Bizzare!

The other day I was reading an amazing story that really does make you wonder how small this world is. A Vietnamese woman travelled to Taiwan to find her father she had never met before. While she was there she ended up working for a guy to care for his ailing wife. After guy’s wife died, woman left and went to work for someone else, leaving behind a locket and picture of her father (from his youth) at the guy’s house. When she realized that she had left the items there she contacted the police to request that they help her find them. They contact the guy and ask him to look in his house. He finds them, recognizes the guy in the picture as HIMSELF and the locket the same that he had given his lover 40 years ago! It turns out the woman had been working for her father for several months while she was looking for him and didn’t even know it. Needless to say they had a very joyful reunion. You can read the whole story here

Crazy? You deicde.