Balancing stones and the sound of the ocean

One thing that I absolutely love is the spending hours at the beach and listening to the sound of the ocean. To me that is the most calming sound in the world (other than the sound of the bell that tells me that the guy selling Bombai Mutai is coming – I really love that stuff).

Here’s some pictures of me trying to balance stones on each other at Russian Beach in Jenner, Northern California.

Balancing Rocks

Balancing Rocks

Balancing Rocks

My Cell phone can make me popcorn

About two years ago I wrote a post about the effects of cellphones and how two Russian guys cooked an egg using two cell phones. It seems that since then some astute scientists (aka students of physics / college blokes fooling around) have learn how to use a cellphone to make popcorn.

The good news: you never have to watch a movie with out popcorn anymore.
The bad news: holy kaboozers. what the hell is it doing to my privates when i have my phone in my pocket and it rings?

Check out the video of how these brave researches popped their corn

Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University, originally uploaded by AbraCadabRa 13.

Stanford University is such a wonderful campus. Set in the heart of sillicon valley it boasts the title of being the ivy league college is that fresh and not stuffy. Its stately buildings and rolling gardens are an absolute beauty to walk through and see. I recently vent on a campus tour and snapped some pictures which i’ll upload soon.

This picture was taken by me for an article in the Sunday Times for SL2College which is a forum of Sri Lankan’s who have studied abroad who are dedicated to answering questions from Sri Lankan’s in Sri Lanka who want to study abroad.

Learning English is HARD. Especially when its your second language

This is bound to offend some people but it is pretty funny. My Apologies to those who no do find this funny, but as a person growing up in Sri Lanka and learning 3 languages at the same time while growing up I can really appreciate how hard it is to learn a new language as well as how funny it can be.

Video of a Japanese “Learn English” TV program after the jump.

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