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Blogger and why I don’t like their blog platform

To help me in the bold statement I have made here, let me step back and define what a blog means to me. A blog is a place where you can express your thoughts in a medium where others can read and leave feedback if they wish to. An arena for discussion and interaction so to speak. There are services that allow your blog to only be available to a select community and or group of friends, like the yahoo 360 and myspace blog components. In this case only selected people are able to see your blog, this is perfectly O.K. to me.

Now, back to blogger and why I don’t care to much for them. A blog using their service is available to be read by everyone, but not everyone can leave comments. There are many blogger based blogs out there including some very interesting ones on Kottu (www.kottu.org) that I like very much and would love to leave comments on, but alas cannot. You have to sign into your google account to leave a comment. This is very frustrating to me. I have not used blogger so I don’t know if it’s a setting that you can adjust or not, but every blogger based blog I’ve visited has been like this. This was not always the case, I remember that at one time you were able to leave a comment after proving you were a human by providing a name and email. Maybe I’m confused and that was never the case?

Either way, I think it’s extremely ineffective to have a blog and then cut out a whole segment of your readers from interacting with your blog by them not being able to leave comments. If you have a blogger based blog let me know what you think about this and please do check if there is a way in your control/admin section where you can allow readers to leave comments without having to log into a google account.

Grand plans and what not….

Ohh the power of the mind and its ability to plan the most grandiose of plans. The disconnect comes in the implementation of these plans. This last month was indeed an interesting one. I moved from the east coast to the west coast. Having packed up my entire new jersey apartment, and shipping most of it to California, I was all ready to move myself. A road trip it was. I would drive to California. After all its only 4000 odd miles. The grand plan was to update my blog with tales of my travels realtime. I had internet access on my phone, my laptop and everything all set to go. Alas, spotty internet access and even worse cellular coverage from T-Mobile made this plan crumble to the ground.

The good thing is that I did arrive safe and sound. On to plan B. Risk mitigation, always have a backup plan. Now that I’ve reached here and the trip is concluded, I will go back in time and write stories of my travels. See, that was not that hard.

So please keep tuned for my tales for the bored and jobless… You can also subscribe to my RSS feed (shame on you if you haven’t done so already :) ) and keep up to date with my travels.

Cheers and happy reading!

WordPress 2.3

The cat’s been out of the bag for a week and loads of people have jumped on the bandwagon, so will I.

Boasting a whole heap of new features, and upgraded performance I hope this will speed up my blog a bit, I’ve noticed a drastic reduction on load timings recently.

So here goes, hopefully all goes well and I’ll be online again soon.


Update: The leap has been made and it seems like all is set to go! If anyone has any problems accessing any of the posts etc please leave a comment to this post so I can look in to it. Thank you.