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Spring Time and Spring Flowers

I took this picture walking around Cupertino in Northern California. Having moved to North California a few months before winter hit the rest of the country, I looked at the greenery around me and though that this must be what it would be year round. Everything looks so lush and green compared to the east coast where I’d be looking at dried up sticks and twigs for 4-5 months out of the year.

I was in for a surprise. Come spring the gardens around me started to blossom and give color to what was already a lush green background to start with. The result is that every time I walk though a residential area, especially in an area like Palo Alto, I feel like I’m walking though the Botanical Gardens. I’m greeting with a rainbow of roses and flowers of all types and form and scents.

I hope you enjoy this picture.

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers, originally uploaded by AbraCadabRa 13.

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