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The secret why Swiss dairy products are the best in the world. Now revealed!

It has long been tradition. If it’s chocolate, it has to be Swiss if you’re going for that superior flavor, taste and texture. If its cheese, yet again the top of the stack is always a Swiss breed. So what do all these have in common? The dairy products that go in it of course, that has to be it. Those Swiss farmers must know something that the rest of the world is completely oblivious to. What could it be?

Ever take a bite of Swiss chocolate and let out that tantalizing gasp as its rich flavors envelope you in its absolute. You feel at peace with yourself. In harmony with nature. Everything is good. There is no evil in the world. Ohh wait.. that’s a lot similar to what one experiences after a good ‘ol puff of marijuana.

Remember the famous Swiss cheese brand, Happy Cow? Well Happy cows produce more milk and while many farmers around the world try all kinds of happy mood creating methods the Swiss farmers decided to cut the chase and make straight for the finish line. In a recent article it seems that Switzerland’s Agriculture Ministry has called on the country’s farmers to stop feeding their cows cannabis.

A quote from the article states

They believe the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, makes cows happy and produce more milk, but the Agriculture Ministry say THC can get into the milk and create a health risk.

They also said that there was a risk that Swiss cheese products could be contaminated.

(The original article can be read here)

So there you go. Happy cows = more milk = better dairy based products = happy human consumers. The world will be a better place for all.

Peace to all while I run to my nearest supermarket and see if I can grab a few pounds of Swiss Cheese!


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Here’s to eggs done the right way!!!

It’s a lazy Saturday morning. 16 degrees Celsius and a full on thunder and wind storm going on outside. The perfect weather for some eggs don’t you think? Now if only I had someone to make some for me so I don’t have to get out of my nice cozy bed.

Ohh well you can’t have everything in life, unless your in Sri Lanka, and then there is soma who would be more than willing to make you those eggs and bring it to your bed. So I drag myself to the kitchen to make some perfect eggs. That means with lots of butter :)

Here is how you make the perfect sunny side up:

  • Heat up about a tablespoon of butter (Not those almost like butter products. I’m talking about whole crème REAL butter guys).
  • Once you have that nice and hot, scoop it up in a tablespoon and crack your egg/eggs into the frying pan.
  • While it cooks for about 30 seconds over a medium flame, keep that melted butter hot by holding it over a separate flame (make sure your wearing gloves or holding a spoon with some cloth so you don’t burn your hands as the spoon heats up, and for gods sake don’t use a plastic spoon!)
  • Now pour that hot butter over your eggs so that it slightly cooks the top of the egg, and the flavor of the butter really gets into the eggs.

Hmmmmmm I’m starting to feel hungry all over again. Make some toast, and your ready to go.

Bon Appétit

Shrimp and Broccoli

Man I hate walking though china town, especially when I am fasting. The wafting aromas of stir fries, bbq’s, sauté’s, and everything else that Chinese cooking is all about drives a man crazy. The result was a very hungry man who had to wait till 7 pm to eat.

I had to make a decision quick, so in all logical though I reasoned out “… if I cannot eat Chinese now I’ll just go home, make some Chinese and eat later …” Why didn’t I think of just buying take out I have no idea. Probably because the smell of the food would drive me crazy, so I started shopping for everything I would need to make Chinese at home. The easiest recipe I could think of was shrimp and broccoli.

That’s easy enough. I need to buy shrimp and some broccoli and hope I have everything else at home. I walked into the nearest fishmarket, and boy do they remind me of the fishmarkets back home, except that all these people spoke was chinese. Plus there were a lot of wierd looking fish that well, lets just say looked a bit fishey. Picked up some shrimp, crossed over to the grocery store and picked up some broccoli and was ready to go home. I’ve never baught broccoli before so I was hopeing I had selected well. Once I got home, headed straight to my best friend. GOOGLE! How did we ever survive without it. A quick search brought up hundreds of variations of the recipe. A random pick and I was reading a pretty easy “how to” for authentic Chinese shrimp and broccoli.

45 minutes spent cleaning the shrimp + 3 minutes of shopping onions + 10 minutes of washing and cleaning the broccoli + all the other additions and I was all ready to start making the actual dish.

Bada-bing bada bung, voila, Authentic Chinese Shrimp and Broccoli is now ready for eating.

Seafood dish courtesy of Google image search
This is not an image of the actual dish but one that I found online. Mine looked simialr though. :-)

You know what? It’s actually really easy to make, and came out really well. In fact and this is no big headedness on my part but it was better than a lot of shrimp and broccoli that I’ve eaten at most fast food Chinese restaurants that are scattered all over the city. Its also extremely healty, as it has very little oil in it, and if you eat it with brown/red rice your good to go.

I think I will be making homemade authentic Chinese a lot more often…