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WordPress 2.3

The cat’s been out of the bag for a week and loads of people have jumped on the bandwagon, so will I.

Boasting a whole heap of new features, and upgraded performance I hope this will speed up my blog a bit, I’ve noticed a drastic reduction on load timings recently.

So here goes, hopefully all goes well and I’ll be online again soon.


Update: The leap has been made and it seems like all is set to go! If anyone has any problems accessing any of the posts etc please leave a comment to this post so I can look in to it. Thank you.

Paris Hilton

Paris with her hand in her crotch

Just who do you think you are? You’ve broken the law many times and now it’s time to face the repercussions. It’s really stupid and sickening to see all the hype about this on the internet. Sites petitioning for her to be kept out of jail, letters to the governor of California to intervene and keep her out of jail, and for what reason? She is too pretty to go to jail. How vain can you get!

There are people with much more valid reasons not to go to jail under similar situations. Reasons that really do warrant them not going to jail, like taking care of their families, or being the sole provider for their children who are alone at home etc…

Paris, is none of that. She is a drunk, daddy’s girl, who thinks that life is all a big party. Her biggest worry is probably the fact that she might chip a nail while in the cell, or her hair might get a bit of grease on it. Grow up kid and get a life. You did something wrong, now you have to pay the price. Just like everyone else.
I guess you could always get your psychiatrist to write a letter on your behalf.

Dr. Charles Sophy, Hilton’s psychiatrist, wrote in a report: “She is emotionally distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the findings at the May 4 hearing, the jail sentence imposed upon her by the judge, and her fear of incarceration.”

This really is a bunch of crap. Everyone in the same position goes though the same but still has to face the consequences, I don’t see why this should be any different.

I implore Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger not to intervene and do stand by the laws that be and let her learn her mistakes just like everyone else.

Clips from Ranidu’s 3rd Album pre-launch party in New York

I have some very interesting news for everyone who is reading this at kottu. We had a moment of Sri Lankan pride last night when Ranidu successfully had his pre-launch party for his 3rd album at Sutra Lounge in the East Village here in New York. This is the first time that a Sri Lankan artist has been able to penetrate such an audience and everyone loved it.

Many people there could not understand the lyrics but they were all feeling the music and the dance floor was packed. His 3rd album labeled “Ranidu” releases in march officially in Sri Lanka. Enjoy some of these video’s that I snapped off my camera.The first one is Ranidu being introduced to the crowds at Sutra and the other is his message to all Sri Lankans and all music lovers all over.

New York being introduced to Ranidu

Ranidu’s message


a kiss…

So ladies and gentlemen, after a long absence, and well deserved vacation in Sri Lanka, I am back. I have a whole bunch of posts lines up detailing my trip etc… but till I post that, I came across a really nice saying today and absolutely had to share it with all of you here.

~ They say a kiss is just a kiss. I couldn’t disagree more. The kiss speaks a language all of its own. It can ask a question, or answer one. It can reveal insecurity or offer up reassurance. It has the power to bring a blind date crashing to earth, or to launch it into blissful, unending orbit. It is the epicenter of sexual intimacy and the harbinger of fading love. It is a refuge for rich and poor, black and white, deaf and blind.No, a kiss is definitely not just a kiss. It is the human experience reduced to the space where lips meet each other. ~ (from http://pbajpai.stumbleupon.com/)

World of Warcraft

WOW - Human Mage

Enter into an alter reality that has the potential of taking over reality. I may have to retract that statement at some point as most would argue with me that the reality that we all claim to be real is in-fact a fabrication that resembles the product of mass advertising, propaganda and massive brainwashing that goes on, on a daily basis from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep (and sometimes even while we toss and turn in the world of sheep).

Hmm I see the making of a matrix style conspiracy theory in the formation but I digress and will leave that for later.

Now where was I? Ohh yeah the alter reality that feels more like reality than the one we wake up in every morning. Ever wake up and wonder what is happening to mankind? Where is humanity hiding? Chivalry, Gentlemanliness, Gratitude, Comradeship, Trust and the whole Knight in shining armor of days gone by?

The traits that make us (humankind) better people; the traits that we don’t see in everyday life or very rarely see is not lost. Phew, isn’t is good to know that. It’s just suppressed. By whom? By society itself! It’s considered weird to be kind and helpful. A dork to be gentlemanly. Thug is the in-thing and if you don’t want to be tagged a wimp or “un-cool” you try to emulate and act thug.

Thankfully there is World of Warcraft to bring out the romantic in all of us. Cloaked behind a new personality of our choosing we can be who we want to be. Live how we want to and not be the product of society. Quests and adventure. Rescuing the helpless, protecting the countryside and battling bandits, gnome’s and the host of other “bad people” that make the place a not so much better place to live in.

I’m new to the game and been playing it for only a few days now, closing in to a week. Let me start by saying that I am not a gamer. Never really been interested in games and this is my first introduction to online gaming, let alone playing with thousands of other players at the same time. Aspects of the game that other gamers starting to play would take for granted are new to me, and I’m still stumbling over learning all of it. It’s amazing how much patience and help I get from other players online. People I don’t even know, and people do get nothing back from helping me (I would die waiting for the same patience in the real world). From helping me complete quests, to trying to give me stuff to help me along, to offering to give me wow money to get started in a world that you come in with zero money and have to start everything from scratch. I am on a trial account and therefore cannot trade with others yet nor accept things from others as gifts. When they find out, they go the extent of telling me to message them when I do get a full account and they will still send and give me the items they promised.

I am flabbergasted. No wonder more and more people who play this game prefers to spend more time engrossed in this world rather than the real world. The people are much more nicer, and there is a sense of blanket acceptance and a set of values that is upheld that the real world would do good to adopt.

Well this has been a long post and I’ll stop now.

Cheers to all.

Congratulations Mahela

Skipper Mahela Jayawardene has been pronounced the captain of the year. I can’t say how heartfelt I am to hear this. First of all for Mahela himself. This is a wonderful achievement. Second, for the country. It’s good to know that we’re coming back strong, and a good strong captain is what we need to survive and break though. One of the key things in a captain is humility and trust in the team he is leading. This shows in Mahela.

“The team has done well, a captain is as good as his team,” Jayawardene told a news conference.

Well said. It’s also heartening to read something positive on the Sri Lankan front on international media. A refreshing change from the daily reports of killing, bombing and threats coming from our fair island in the sun.