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[Video] War Photography – In Harms Way

Photography has been a very strong passion of mine. But, why? There is a beauty in being able to capture an instance in life that in turn becomes part of history. Being able to capture not only a still of that instance but also the passion, the energy, the life that is packed into that instance is what all photographers strive to achieve.

To be able to make your photograph affect another person’s life is your ultimate goal. In effect letting them see and experience a part of what you have. Making them feel like they were right next to you when the picture was taken.

In this episode of “In harms Way“, we have a look at two war photographers who go into the Gaza strip and get a glimpse into what they experience.

This video is a great example of a war photographers life, I don’t necessarily agree with the ending of it and would have liked to see what pictures were finally used by the Israeli News media that purchased them and in what context, but nevertheless its a great insight into a conflict/war photographers life.

The video is linked after the jump. Continue reading

[video] – Amazing Hug

I recived this via email today, and I must say, the video completly blew me away. It is completely safe for work, so go ahead and watch it.

The text of the email read:

The woman in the video found this lion injured in the forest ready
to die. She took the lion with her and nursed the lion back to health.

When the lion was better she made arrangements with a zoo to take
the lion and give it a new and happy home.

This video was taken after some time when the woman went to go visit the lion to see how he was doing.

Watch the lion’s reaction when he sees her. Amazing!!!!!

I dont think any one reading this could every anticipate what will happen in the video. I know I could NOT.

My Cell phone can make me popcorn

About two years ago I wrote a post about the effects of cellphones and how two Russian guys cooked an egg using two cell phones. It seems that since then some astute scientists (aka students of physics / college blokes fooling around) have learn how to use a cellphone to make popcorn.

The good news: you never have to watch a movie with out popcorn anymore.
The bad news: holy kaboozers. what the hell is it doing to my privates when i have my phone in my pocket and it rings?

Check out the video of how these brave researches popped their corn


On a nice hot day there is nothing quite as refreshing as biting into a juicy slice of watermelon. Depending on my mood I do prefer the seed type. Even though this can drastically reduce the speed at which you can eat your slice it does introduce a certain fun factor into eating a watermelon in a group. The inevitable seed fight.

Fruits in TokyoThis is all well and dandy when you’re paying a reasonable amount of money for that melon your furiously munching into, but what if you had just paid $6,100 it. Would you eat it with the same gusto? If it were me I would frame it and store it away in some bank vault. That being said, in the land of the rising sun the watermelon or at least some varieties of it is a prized possession indeed. They are a luxury that indicates status and wealth. This is the story of the black skinned watermelon.

The 17-pound, black-skinned “Densuke” watermelon, a variety grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido, was purchased Friday by a marine products dealer who said he wanted to support local agriculture, according to Kyodo News agency.


Weed ATMs?

Where would you expect the craziest of things to happen? Los Angeles of course! In an effort to outdo its self, Los Angeles has now become the home of the world first Weed Vending Machine!

No no no.. it was not a mistype. These units are being called “AVM’s: Anytime-Vending-Machines. “, and will be up and running this coming Monday. You will need a prescription to get your quota of up to 1 ounce a week, but then of course you knew they would not let you have it just scot free.

The AVM will be “fully secured in its own room,”, have “two dispensaries, and full-time security for your protection. The best part being that it’s open 24/7.

Link for address and phone number