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Who’s running for president? Mr. or Mrs. Clinton?

Anyone following the US presidential run up would have noticed this. Former president of 2 terms Mr. Clinton is taking a more forward role in his wife’s election run, playing the bad cop for wifey by attacking her opponents so that she does not have to. So what’s going to happen if she becomes president? Will he be happy to play the back role? Would he yearn for the glory days? The days when he was the man, so to speak? Who are we really voting for if we vote Clinton?

Barack Obama mentioned that Hillary will say anything to get herself elected president. I am inclined to agree with him. She seems a little wishy washy to me. But then again that’s just my opinion.

I don’t think Bill will be happy playing the role of second place. Could having Hillary as president cause a power struggle between the two? Does Bill see his wife running as president as an opportunity to be the puppet master silently controlling the show?

I wonder…

“What can you do with US$ 1.2 trillion”

The New york times has a wonderful article about what you could do with 1.2 trillion us dollars. Its well worth a read for everyone!

“… The human mind isn’t very well equipped to make sense of a figure like $1.2 trillion. We don’t deal with a trillion of anything in our daily lives, and so when we come across such a big number, it is hard to distinguish it from any other big number. Millions, billions, a trillion — they all start to sound the same…

… Medical research, tackling poverty and education, and reconstruction of New Orleans would all be ways to spend $1.2 trillion [with lots left over]. Here’s another: The war in Iraq. …”

Click here to read the whole article.

How does lightning pass though you? and Cali was absolutely amazing

So Sri Lanka is doing fantastically well in cricket. Well done. We kicked some Zimbabwe ass. I guess thats an achievment for us to boast about.

N. Korea has indeed tested out it’s A-Bomb over the last weekend. In response the bush administration has said that it’s going to punish the N. Korean government by imposing severe sanctions on them.

We know that’s not going to work. Look what it did to Iraq? In the end the poor people of the country suffered. Children starved, mothers went hungry and Sadam got fatter in his palaces while he continued to make his weapons of mass destruction. OOPS! Sorry did I say that. I’ve been brainwashed by the general media. We now know that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and there never was.

In other news lightning exited though a woman’s bottom in Australia. Yup, you read that right. According to the article a woman was brushing her teeth and she had bent over to rinse her mouth out when the lightening hit the building, passed though the piping into her mouth. She was wearing rubber bathroom shoes at the time and so instead of earthing through her feet it appears the electricity shot out of her backside,” a medic told local television news channel, 24 Sata.

“It appears to have earthed through the damp shower curtain that she was touching as she bent over to put her mouth under the tap. If she had not been wearing the shoes she would probably have been killed by the blast.”

A note to all of us, if your gonna brush your teeth make sure your well earthed, and do not bend over to put your mouth under the tap!

On a more personal note I absolutely loved my weekend getaway in California. Ashley and I spent it in North Cali, along the coast and it was splendid. The weather was fantastic, the scenery was completely serene and reminded me so much of Sri Lanka. I had a blast!

California, No doubt about it, N. Korea and other ramblings for today

Tomorrow I’m off to California for a few days to see my partner in crime, my significant other, my one and only, Ashley. I don’t know if I have officially introduced her on the blog before, well if I haven’t, I am now. It will be my first trip to the west coast, so I’m excited. I may not be going to the fair city of LA, but will be in and around the Sacramento area. I don’t know where because the entire trip agenda is a secret, well that’s what I have been told.

Hmmm I love a good mystery, and so I play along. I’ve packed my bags and I’m ready to go. The rest I will find out when I get there.

Amongst the other things happening around this end of the world, today’s New York Times reported that the Bush administration declared that the U.S. was “not going to live with” a nuclear-armed North Korea. Hmm I wonder what people in N. Korea are thinking. Maybe something along the lines of “… We will not live with a pompous nuclear armed America dictating terms to the rest of the world …” we’ll never be sure now will we?


The JFP have accused the SLFP of being involved in the world’s oldest population. Prostitution. The SLFP are said to be seething with anger at this accusation. (Really surprised look from the author) In retaliation the Koswatta police raided a brothel operated by the JVP leader’s (Somawansa Amarasinghe) sister and arrested a number of people who were later presented to the local court and then released on bail. The report goes on to state the following “…the Koswatta police said that the owner of the house, Somawansa Amarasinghe’s sister had fled the scene and are looking for her….

So we have the typical Sri Lankan political scenario of the kettle calling the pot black. Why bring up an accusation such as prostitution into the mudslinging competition. Illam Parripu. Didn’t Somawansa know he was attacking an area close to home? (hmm maybe he was under the impression his sister was running a legitimate business and the err nice ladies were her business associates?) [snicker snicker snicker, no pun intended]

Do not the politicians realize that they are all dabbling in the oldest profession in the world? Every Politian Sri Lanka has ever had has whored this once bountiful and beautiful country for their own profit. The only exception I would make is to Premadasa. He is the only president to date who actually did some good for the country while profiting from it.

So while the brothel mistresses err sorry I mean the politicians of our country accuse each other of prostitution we can take solace in the fact that this is nothing new, and that we have been whored out over and over again time and time again for as long as we can remember.

Aloha white Van’s and Nazism in Sri Lanka.

The news is all a buzz of midnight visits from the “White Van” squad. The government’s torture arm modeled after Hitler’s death squad.

Reading this article brought on a huge shadow of heaviness on my soul.

I really do wonder what is happening to our island in the sun. Serendipity. Not much of that left anymore; is there!