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Under the knife

A new year has dawned, a time to start out with the right foot forward and head in the right direction. Discard the old and start on the new, etc etc… I personally don’t see why you have to wait till the new years to right a wrong or to start something you want to do, but to each their own.

Now that I’ve said that let’s see what I have planned for 2008 J. I think my current blog theme is going to go under the knife. I’m going to move away from the dreaded 800px of yester decade and adopt a more modern, wide screen friendly 1024px wide layout more suited to yesteryear. Sorry I’m still not ready for variable width for my blog. I don’t think I have enough content to pull that off. I’m also going to move to a 3 column layout. The biggest change yet?, yes there is another even more drastic change to come. I’m getting rid of the dark colors and coming in with some clean lines and lighter, brighter colors. Well maybe not so light but definitely much brighter. I’m still skinning it in Photoshop but I hope to launch it soon.

Let’s see, I’m also putting my eating habits under the knife. Going to try eat healthy and try get in shape.

We all know how that one turns out but I am serious about it this time and I hope it will actually work out this time around. Cheers to that folks!