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Vinyl records are in. Say good bye to CD’s

Let the Battle begin

I read an interesting article on Wired today that got me thinking. Apparently the demand for Vinyl in the personal market is growing exponentially and pressing plants that in recent years used to cater only to the professional DJ and purists are now scrambling to meet new demands. It has been a long known fact that the quality of music from a vinyl record is much warmer and richer than from a CD. On the flip side the CD was so much more easier to carry around.

WHoooooooooa! Hold your horses there. Portability is no longer an issue now is it?

How many people out here carry CD players anymore? If you’re looking for portability then you probably have an MP3 player of sorts in your gadget collection. If that is the case then why limit yourself to sub quality music when you are in the comfort of your home?

Analog vs. Digital signals

Comparison of a raw analog audio signal to the CD audio and DVD audio output courtesy of HOWSTUFFWORKS

That is exactly the debate that’s raging all over the music industry. It seems that Matador and other labels include coupons in record packaging that can be used to download MP3 versions of the songs. According to the Wired report, Matador’s Patrick Amory called the coupon program “hugely popular.”

Canadian scientist David Hayes of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto says teens who used to view CDs as superior to older vinyl records now consider vinyl superior to the newer format. The growing popularity of vinyl might be a form of resistance against the music industry’s corporate taste-makers.

f you would like to read more about how studio recorded sound is massacred, slaughtered, dismembered and modified before arriving to us on a CD take a look at this article which goes into great details explaining the whole process. A vinyl record on the other hand is a much purer form of music which you could actually call “Studio Quality”

So people crank out those old dusty vinyl’s and get ready to start rocking.

Grand plans and what not….

Ohh the power of the mind and its ability to plan the most grandiose of plans. The disconnect comes in the implementation of these plans. This last month was indeed an interesting one. I moved from the east coast to the west coast. Having packed up my entire new jersey apartment, and shipping most of it to California, I was all ready to move myself. A road trip it was. I would drive to California. After all its only 4000 odd miles. The grand plan was to update my blog with tales of my travels realtime. I had internet access on my phone, my laptop and everything all set to go. Alas, spotty internet access and even worse cellular coverage from T-Mobile made this plan crumble to the ground.

The good thing is that I did arrive safe and sound. On to plan B. Risk mitigation, always have a backup plan. Now that I’ve reached here and the trip is concluded, I will go back in time and write stories of my travels. See, that was not that hard.

So please keep tuned for my tales for the bored and jobless… You can also subscribe to my RSS feed (shame on you if you haven’t done so already :) ) and keep up to date with my travels.

Cheers and happy reading!