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Question about the movie Wall-E

I just got back from watching Wall-E. All in all quite an entertaining movie about some cute robots who develop personalities and fall in love.

For those who have not yet watched the movie, i implore you to go and watch it. It’s cute and funny. I’ve embedded the trailed for you to have a peek at.


For those who have not seen the movie yet, please do not read past the jump. I’m going to ask some questions that might give some of the story line away!

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Miss Teen USA 2007 – Miss South Carolina says that the US needs to help improve the education in Asia!

I usually don’t just go ahead and link to something without some sort of intro or write up of my own, but this video is pretty self explanatory. It has already gained quite a bit of fame from Boing Boing, to Australian news stations to emails. So here’s my part in spreading the news.

We need more maps!

Hmmm how what more can I add?

Post Potter depression?

The date is July 21st, 2007. Bookstores all over are preparing for the release of Rowling’s seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, the Deathly Hallows. Book stores like Borders had launch costume parties that Friday night and the literary world experienced one of the most looked forward to events in recent history.

Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows

The date is July 22nd, 2007. What I like to call the “Ohh no there are no more Harry Potter books left” syndrome sets in. I’m sure something of the sort was felt almost all over where Harry Potter fans resided, but here in the New York area it was taken to the extremes. It was quite hilarious to me; maybe you were a victim, in which case I am truly sorry. Please read on and I hope I’ll be able to give you some hope that it’s still worth living.

Articles were published on how to combat the sinking feeling of being lost, often quoting some psychiatrist or the other on how to battle your woes. After all if people are not depressed about something or the other how will they make their money? Thus emerged a list of terminology created specifically for post potter depression syndrome. So nice of them to reach out to all the needy people and lend a helping hand, err ear I mean. Just remember to bring your check book with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I waited with bated breath for the release of the book and spent the entire opening weekend reading the book. I am a huge potter fan, but I also know that as history has proven itself over and over again there will always be something to read and something to look forward to. Don’t fall into the commercialization trap of the modern age. You are NOT suffering from depression. It’s perfectly normal to miss looking forward to a book you loved, but there are lots of other equally interesting books out there. Take this as an opportunity to reach out and pick up another book, let me suggest a few.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S Lewis is a must read classic for all children
  2. Discworld Novels by Terry Pratchett is another amazing series of books that all youngsters should read
  3. The Redwall series by Brian Jacques

And a whole bunch of other books are waiting for you to come and pick them up, so if reading the Harry Potter series has awoken an interest in reading feed it and keep it alight with other exciting titles.

A follow up to Ranidu’s album pre-launch party.

As a follow up to the two clips I had uploaded last week, I got a lot of messages asking me if I had any more. So in response to this I’ve uploaded a few more clips that I took inside the lounge itself. The lighting was not the greatest so it’s kind of dark but most of the clips focus on the dance floor and you are able to listen to some of the music and see the crowd’s reaction to it.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave comments.

Clips from Ranidu’s 3rd Album pre-launch party in New York

I have some very interesting news for everyone who is reading this at kottu. We had a moment of Sri Lankan pride last night when Ranidu successfully had his pre-launch party for his 3rd album at Sutra Lounge in the East Village here in New York. This is the first time that a Sri Lankan artist has been able to penetrate such an audience and everyone loved it.

Many people there could not understand the lyrics but they were all feeling the music and the dance floor was packed. His 3rd album labeled “Ranidu” releases in march officially in Sri Lanka. Enjoy some of these video’s that I snapped off my camera.The first one is Ranidu being introduced to the crowds at Sutra and the other is his message to all Sri Lankans and all music lovers all over.

New York being introduced to Ranidu

Ranidu’s message


The WOOT OFF – January 30th 2007

Woot is having a woot off… Nice..

www.woot.com for those of you who don’t know the URL

Lets see what went already.

[ 205 items sold in 6 mins and 36 seconds ]

[ 10 items sold in 2 mins and 50 seconds ]

[ 500 items sold in 22 mins and 36 seconds ]

[ 6 items sold in 8 mins and 25 seconds ]

[ 49 items sold in 2 mins and 55 seconds ]

[ 600 items sold in 15 mins ]

[ 6 items sold in 1 mins and 33 seconds ]

[ 1500 items sold in 12 mins and 28 seconds ]

[ 6 items sold in 2 mins and 16 seconds ]

[ 800 items sold in 114 mins and 31 seconds ]

[ 5 items sold in 2 mins and 29 seconds ]

[ 20 items sold in 1 mins and 40 seconds ]

[ 20 items sold in 1 mins and 19 seconds ]

[ 100 items sold in 73 mins and 28 seconds ]

[ 100 items sold in 88 mins and 57 seconds ]

[ 200 items sold in 5 mins and 55 seconds ]

[ 450 items sold in 62 mins and 02 seconds ]

[ 800 items sold in 96 mins and 03 seconds ]

[ 800 items sold in 9 mins and 21 seconds ]

[ 280 items sold in 76 mins and 28 seconds ]

[ 1700 items sold in 69 mins and 01 seconds ]

[ 446 items sold in 2 mins and 42 seconds ]

[ 150 items sold in 52 mins and 58 seconds]

[4200 items sold in 67 mins and 50 seconds]

[446 items sold in 1 mins and 50 seconds]

[38 items sold in 1 mins and 27 seconds]

[70 items sold in 4 mins and 39 seconds]

[ 1500 items sold in 36 mins and 58 seconds]

[ 150 items sold in 49 mins and 03 seconds]

[ 560 items sold in 57 mins and 18 seconds]

[ 110 items sold in 12 mins and 02 seconds]

[ 1000 items sold in 102 mins and 36 seconds]

[1350 items sold in a really long time ... .like over 3 hrs ]

[95 items sold in 3 mins and 31 seconds]

[50 items sold in 1 min 15 seconds]

Currently being wooted…

Any one can guess the next one on item?

Updated : January 30th 2007 8.42 PM EST

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple announced its new breakthrough in technology by redefining what we all do at its simplest form. Taking a phone call. Using a phone. It took something that most people good for granted as the de-facto standard in taking calls and redesigned it from the ground up. Usability and design was placed right up there along with technology. At least in my opinion.

Given that no product is perfect, and this does have its share of faults. No 3G for example. That does not change the fact that what it does have is pretty dam good. It’s sleek, sexy looking, and I think it bring with it the social status that we saw the iPod create. After all isn’t that what good products and even more good marketing/advertising campaigns do? It created a wanting that will drive people to go get it.

At an introductory price of US$ 399 and US$ 499 for the 4gig and 8 gig versions respectively it is an extravagant amount of money to spend on a phone that is NOT a smart phone. As I mentioned earlier it is not 3G, does not have exchange synchronization, or office support for that matter. No over the air iTunes Store downloads or WiFi syncing to your host machine. Forget it if you think you can get the cheaper 4gig phone and put in an expandable memory slot to increase it. The iPhone does not have an option for expandable memory, or can you change the battery on it.

That does not change the fact that I would love to have one.