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The move – Part 1

Date: September 5th 2007

We were frantically approaching our self imposed deadline to leave. By 4.00 pm the car was supposed to be packed up, the apartment empty and the keys handed over to the Super. It is now 3.45 pm, the apartment still needs its final cleaning. I still have a few pieces of furniture and my car is far from being packed. I even have a few boxed left that needs to be run down to FedEx for shipment to its new home in California.

There was no way we would leave tonight, at least not on this planet with a 24 hour day. We would have to postpone out departure time and leave tomorrow early morning. In the grand scheme of things this is not such a big problem, but we had made prior plans to stay the night with a friend of mine in Philadelphia. She had already planned the dinner menu a week ago. She was going to start cooking dinner in a bit. She was NOT going to be happy.

There was no way out of it, I made the call and broke the news to her. As predicted she was not very happy, but was understanding of our situation. I got off the phone and we got back to cleaning and clearing and packing last minute items in boxes. That night we worked till 3 in the morning before we were exhausted to the bone and crashed on the mattress we left in the apartment for that exact purpose.

As the new days rays of light streamed though the now naked windows of my living room, we pried our eyes open and mentally prepared ourselves to the day ahead. We still had a boat load of tasks to complete before leaving. I ran some last minute FedEx trips, while Ashley made sure the apartment was clean. She did an awesome job of mopped and swept the floors, cleaned out the kitchen and some final garbage runs. I never thought handing over your apartment would be so hard, but I did not want my landlord making any excuses for not giving me back my security deposit. Long story short we managed to get the place spick and span, some lucky bugger got some chairs, a lamp, and my bicycle for free as I ended up leaving it on the curb. Finished packing my car and we were finally on our way.

Good bye 100 Central Ave. You have been good to me. I have had many a party here. Many people have stayed crashed with me here, and you’ve kept me happy for close to 3 years. Fare thee well and wish that I find a place as homely in the sunny state of California.