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Post Potter depression?

The date is July 21st, 2007. Bookstores all over are preparing for the release of Rowling’s seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, the Deathly Hallows. Book stores like Borders had launch costume parties that Friday night and the literary world experienced one of the most looked forward to events in recent history.

Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows

The date is July 22nd, 2007. What I like to call the “Ohh no there are no more Harry Potter books left” syndrome sets in. I’m sure something of the sort was felt almost all over where Harry Potter fans resided, but here in the New York area it was taken to the extremes. It was quite hilarious to me; maybe you were a victim, in which case I am truly sorry. Please read on and I hope I’ll be able to give you some hope that it’s still worth living.

Articles were published on how to combat the sinking feeling of being lost, often quoting some psychiatrist or the other on how to battle your woes. After all if people are not depressed about something or the other how will they make their money? Thus emerged a list of terminology created specifically for post potter depression syndrome. So nice of them to reach out to all the needy people and lend a helping hand, err ear I mean. Just remember to bring your check book with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I waited with bated breath for the release of the book and spent the entire opening weekend reading the book. I am a huge potter fan, but I also know that as history has proven itself over and over again there will always be something to read and something to look forward to. Don’t fall into the commercialization trap of the modern age. You are NOT suffering from depression. It’s perfectly normal to miss looking forward to a book you loved, but there are lots of other equally interesting books out there. Take this as an opportunity to reach out and pick up another book, let me suggest a few.

  1. Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S Lewis is a must read classic for all children
  2. Discworld Novels by Terry Pratchett is another amazing series of books that all youngsters should read
  3. The Redwall series by Brian Jacques

And a whole bunch of other books are waiting for you to come and pick them up, so if reading the Harry Potter series has awoken an interest in reading feed it and keep it alight with other exciting titles.

What goes around comes around

I’m a strong believer in doing good. If you’re a good person and do good deeds then good things happen to both you and the people close to you. On the other hand if you are not a very moral person, well then in the circle of life bad things can happen to you. I was reading the top stories for today and the story of Allan Stokke and his daughter Allison’s unasked for internet fame seems to fit in this category.

Who is Allan Stokke?
Allan Stokke is a lawyer, a criminal specialist as reported in OCMETRO (the business lifestyle magazine. The same article quotes Allan Stokke as saying “I get great satisfaction in helping someone with the worst possible crisis he or she has faced in their life. There is nothing more satisfying than taking on the power of the state in order to affect the outcome.

The said article profiles a case where Stokke defends a girl who “admits to drinking three shots of rum, smoking marijuana and punching it and racing a black Mustang resulting in the death of two individuals.” Stokke’s comment on this case was “It’s totally irrelevant whether the defendant is guilty or not. The system, the Constitution, requires that even the guilty have strong representation…“, the article also states the following

Stokke says at the trial he will make an issue of her clean background and of the multiple factors involved in the accident – all of which may help mitigate Gormley’s responsibility. For example, the autopsy reports of the victims show they died in the resulting fire and not from head injuries or internal injuries caused by the crash itself.

What confuses me is that wasn’t the resulting fire caused by the crash? But that’s just my thinking.

Earlier this year Stokke represented a cop who masturbated on a stripper during a routine traffic stop. Allan Stokke was reported as saying “She got what she wanted,“, “She’s an overtly sexual person.”

OC also reports on a case where Stokke defended a sheriff’s son who was convicted of participating in a videotaped gang-rape.

Defense lawyer Al Stokke, who replaced lead trial attorney Joseph G. Cavallo, questioned any link between the rape and the victim’s claim of mental anguish. Stokke also mocked the girl’s physical injuries, finally conceding she was unconscious but then trying to use that against her. “There’s [no pain] that is felt,” he said, “because she was unconscious.

So what has all this got to do with his daughter? Nothing, it just happened that she is a hot 18 year old athlete, whose picture has gained a lot of internet publicity as reported by the Washington post:

… in early May, she received e-mails from friends who warned that a year-old picture of Stokke idly adjusting her hair at a track meet in New York had been plastered across the Internet. She had more than 1,000 new messages on her MySpace page. A three-minute video of Stokke standing against a wall and analyzing her performance at another meet had been posted on YouTube and viewed 150,000 times.

… A popular sports blogger in New York found the picture and posted it on his site. Dozens of other bloggers picked up the same image and spread it. Within days, hundreds of thousands of Internet users had searched for Stokke’s picture and leered.

Don’t get me wrong, I really am very sorry for Allison, she is a victim of her good looks and athletes figure. It is ironic however that it should happen to her from all the athletes out there. Maybe its coincidence, maybe it’s a message to her father to shape up and use his abilities of being an effective lawyer to choose his cases better and stop being a scum bag.

Paris Hilton

Paris with her hand in her crotch

Just who do you think you are? You’ve broken the law many times and now it’s time to face the repercussions. It’s really stupid and sickening to see all the hype about this on the internet. Sites petitioning for her to be kept out of jail, letters to the governor of California to intervene and keep her out of jail, and for what reason? She is too pretty to go to jail. How vain can you get!

There are people with much more valid reasons not to go to jail under similar situations. Reasons that really do warrant them not going to jail, like taking care of their families, or being the sole provider for their children who are alone at home etc…

Paris, is none of that. She is a drunk, daddy’s girl, who thinks that life is all a big party. Her biggest worry is probably the fact that she might chip a nail while in the cell, or her hair might get a bit of grease on it. Grow up kid and get a life. You did something wrong, now you have to pay the price. Just like everyone else.
I guess you could always get your psychiatrist to write a letter on your behalf.

Dr. Charles Sophy, Hilton’s psychiatrist, wrote in a report: “She is emotionally distraught and traumatized as a consequence of the findings at the May 4 hearing, the jail sentence imposed upon her by the judge, and her fear of incarceration.”

This really is a bunch of crap. Everyone in the same position goes though the same but still has to face the consequences, I don’t see why this should be any different.

I implore Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger not to intervene and do stand by the laws that be and let her learn her mistakes just like everyone else.

The age of zombification has begun!

First we have the swiss feeding [wasting] weed to [on] cows, and at the same time we have mother nature running around a little crazy causing all kinds of trouble. Just when you though it cant get any worse we have this!

I’m reading a story about a woman from the UK who trusted her GPS system so much so that even though road signage indicated “warning of impending doom” according to this Engadget article that she soon found herself driving her £96k Mercedes SL500 into a river. I guess to test it’s underwater abilities? Thankfully she survived but the havoc the swelled river played on her car left it a complete write off.

Ok ok.. this does not mean we are mindlessly following what machines and programmed logic tells us verses what we see around ourselves as true. This is just a one off incident where she made a mistake.

But then again, is it?

According to this article, it seems like this is a common occurrence where the people of this little village (again in the UK) say that they “…have found themselves pulling an average of two cars a day out of the river for the past week …” this report comes in from a little village where a bridge was recently closed off and even though signs were posted on either end, drivers still continued on because THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM TOLD THEM SO!

Come on now people, and we make fun of monkeys for doing what they are told without thinking for themselves! Have we really started to lost the ability to think for ourselves to such an extent that we are completely and utterly dependent on technology to tell us how to live out life and what we should and should not be doing?

What do you think?

now how did that song go again….

Being the cocky bastard that I am, I am jumping the gun here and will probably have to eat my word if things turn and go the other way. But for now… let me recollect…

how did that popular song from 1996 go….

“we are the champions…. we are the champions…” :)

Come on.. I know I was not the only one humming this catchy little tune the whole time ;-)

Now lets get back to business. This world cup has been very interesting. India and Pakistan out of the game before the super 8’s, kind of leaves me wondering. Could there be some thing that we don’t know? While I am happy they are out (for obvious reasons being it makes it a little easier for us) it also makes it a little sad. They are both very good teams and to think of a world but semi’s without them there to build up anticipation and just add that final touch of spark to the air will be a loss to the overall atmosphere of the tournament. Not that we don’t have enough competition to worry about. Australia (even though rumored not to be in form) seem to be in cracking form. We have South Africa, New Zealand, Kenya and of course West Indies.

I have my doubts about England. They still have not seemed to get their machinery in smooth motion. Something does not seem to be clicking for them. Bangladesh: the hidden element if you ask me. They beat India, and while it may be true that India may not have played their best match to day on that day, we should definitely not underestimate them. With Dav coaching them let us all assume that they know out every weakness and have a game plan ready to deal with all our players.

While I think we have a very good chance to pull off another 1996 styles victory I guess what all this rambling is going is to say lets not let cocky and keep a good head on our shoulders and play a good game of cricket. If we can do that I think we can do it..

3 cheers for Sri Lanka this 2007 Cricket World Cup!

A follow up to Ranidu’s album pre-launch party.

As a follow up to the two clips I had uploaded last week, I got a lot of messages asking me if I had any more. So in response to this I’ve uploaded a few more clips that I took inside the lounge itself. The lighting was not the greatest so it’s kind of dark but most of the clips focus on the dance floor and you are able to listen to some of the music and see the crowd’s reaction to it.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave comments.

The secret why Swiss dairy products are the best in the world. Now revealed!

It has long been tradition. If it’s chocolate, it has to be Swiss if you’re going for that superior flavor, taste and texture. If its cheese, yet again the top of the stack is always a Swiss breed. So what do all these have in common? The dairy products that go in it of course, that has to be it. Those Swiss farmers must know something that the rest of the world is completely oblivious to. What could it be?

Ever take a bite of Swiss chocolate and let out that tantalizing gasp as its rich flavors envelope you in its absolute. You feel at peace with yourself. In harmony with nature. Everything is good. There is no evil in the world. Ohh wait.. that’s a lot similar to what one experiences after a good ‘ol puff of marijuana.

Remember the famous Swiss cheese brand, Happy Cow? Well Happy cows produce more milk and while many farmers around the world try all kinds of happy mood creating methods the Swiss farmers decided to cut the chase and make straight for the finish line. In a recent article it seems that Switzerland’s Agriculture Ministry has called on the country’s farmers to stop feeding their cows cannabis.

A quote from the article states

They believe the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, makes cows happy and produce more milk, but the Agriculture Ministry say THC can get into the milk and create a health risk.

They also said that there was a risk that Swiss cheese products could be contaminated.

(The original article can be read here)

So there you go. Happy cows = more milk = better dairy based products = happy human consumers. The world will be a better place for all.

Peace to all while I run to my nearest supermarket and see if I can grab a few pounds of Swiss Cheese!


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