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Its 97 degrees outside and I just had a hot steaming cup of tea

Am I crazy? No, Just Sri Lankan. By all means given the heat wave we’ve been having here in the bay area I should be sipping on an ice cold lemonade or an iced milo for those who know what that is [Flashback memories of pillawoos], but no; I have to choose a hot cup of milk tea.

Cup of tea - WikipediaThere is something comforting about drinking a hot cup of tea, even on the hottest of days. I really can’t point my finger on it but there is. Just the aroma of tea is enough to get me yearning for a cup. It does not matter what time of day it is.

One of my favorite times of the day was going to the road side ‘cafe’ pillawoose in Sri Lanka at 11.30 or so in the night. Sitting on the steps of the neighboring store and ordering a hot cup of plain tea with ginger or sometimes a slice of lemon in it. Its absolutely wonderful. Why? i don’t know. it just is.