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WordPress 2.3

The cat’s been out of the bag for a week and loads of people have jumped on the bandwagon, so will I.

Boasting a whole heap of new features, and upgraded performance I hope this will speed up my blog a bit, I’ve noticed a drastic reduction on load timings recently.

So here goes, hopefully all goes well and I’ll be online again soon.


Update: The leap has been made and it seems like all is set to go! If anyone has any problems accessing any of the posts etc please leave a comment to this post so I can look in to it. Thank you.

Miss Teen USA 2007 – Miss South Carolina says that the US needs to help improve the education in Asia!

I usually don’t just go ahead and link to something without some sort of intro or write up of my own, but this video is pretty self explanatory. It has already gained quite a bit of fame from Boing Boing, to Australian news stations to emails. So here’s my part in spreading the news.

We need more maps!

Hmmm how what more can I add?

The age of zombification has begun!

First we have the swiss feeding [wasting] weed to [on] cows, and at the same time we have mother nature running around a little crazy causing all kinds of trouble. Just when you though it cant get any worse we have this!

I’m reading a story about a woman from the UK who trusted her GPS system so much so that even though road signage indicated “warning of impending doom” according to this Engadget article that she soon found herself driving her £96k Mercedes SL500 into a river. I guess to test it’s underwater abilities? Thankfully she survived but the havoc the swelled river played on her car left it a complete write off.

Ok ok.. this does not mean we are mindlessly following what machines and programmed logic tells us verses what we see around ourselves as true. This is just a one off incident where she made a mistake.

But then again, is it?

According to this article, it seems like this is a common occurrence where the people of this little village (again in the UK) say that they “…have found themselves pulling an average of two cars a day out of the river for the past week …” this report comes in from a little village where a bridge was recently closed off and even though signs were posted on either end, drivers still continued on because THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM TOLD THEM SO!

Come on now people, and we make fun of monkeys for doing what they are told without thinking for themselves! Have we really started to lost the ability to think for ourselves to such an extent that we are completely and utterly dependent on technology to tell us how to live out life and what we should and should not be doing?

What do you think?

The launch of Sri Lanka’s (well i think it is) first blogging service

There are so many things that I’ve been dying to write about lately. The worse part of it is that I cannot even blame a busy couple of weeks at work. Work has not been the reason. I’ve just been a little lazy. Let’s see if I can make up for that.

While I have been lazy on the side of writing out exciting new blog articles for you to read, it does not mean that I have not been doing anything at all. One thing has kept me busy and I’m happy to announce that its ready for the public. [uhum… drum roll please… thank you.]

I am very happy to announce the launch (what I think is) Sri Lanka’s first blogging service. www.apeblog.com is now open for users to come, sign up and create your own blog. With WordPress Mu powering it in the backend I’m hoping this will give you, the users the same options and reliability that you would get from huge companies that have been in the market for a while, but at the same time offering a personalized service. If you have a theme you would like to use, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to add it in for you.

The skin is still a customized version of the default skin. This will change. I’m working a fully customized skin for the site and as you join this social of apeblog blogs you will see lots of juicy additions appearing on an ongoing basis.

With that I’d like to invite you all in for some kiri bath [virtual of course] and get on your way of creating your new blog and blogging for all your worth.

The WOOT OFF – January 30th 2007

Woot is having a woot off… Nice..

www.woot.com for those of you who don’t know the URL

Lets see what went already.

[ 205 items sold in 6 mins and 36 seconds ]

[ 10 items sold in 2 mins and 50 seconds ]

[ 500 items sold in 22 mins and 36 seconds ]

[ 6 items sold in 8 mins and 25 seconds ]

[ 49 items sold in 2 mins and 55 seconds ]

[ 600 items sold in 15 mins ]

[ 6 items sold in 1 mins and 33 seconds ]

[ 1500 items sold in 12 mins and 28 seconds ]

[ 6 items sold in 2 mins and 16 seconds ]

[ 800 items sold in 114 mins and 31 seconds ]

[ 5 items sold in 2 mins and 29 seconds ]

[ 20 items sold in 1 mins and 40 seconds ]

[ 20 items sold in 1 mins and 19 seconds ]

[ 100 items sold in 73 mins and 28 seconds ]

[ 100 items sold in 88 mins and 57 seconds ]

[ 200 items sold in 5 mins and 55 seconds ]

[ 450 items sold in 62 mins and 02 seconds ]

[ 800 items sold in 96 mins and 03 seconds ]

[ 800 items sold in 9 mins and 21 seconds ]

[ 280 items sold in 76 mins and 28 seconds ]

[ 1700 items sold in 69 mins and 01 seconds ]

[ 446 items sold in 2 mins and 42 seconds ]

[ 150 items sold in 52 mins and 58 seconds]

[4200 items sold in 67 mins and 50 seconds]

[446 items sold in 1 mins and 50 seconds]

[38 items sold in 1 mins and 27 seconds]

[70 items sold in 4 mins and 39 seconds]

[ 1500 items sold in 36 mins and 58 seconds]

[ 150 items sold in 49 mins and 03 seconds]

[ 560 items sold in 57 mins and 18 seconds]

[ 110 items sold in 12 mins and 02 seconds]

[ 1000 items sold in 102 mins and 36 seconds]

[1350 items sold in a really long time ... .like over 3 hrs ]

[95 items sold in 3 mins and 31 seconds]

[50 items sold in 1 min 15 seconds]

Currently being wooted…

Any one can guess the next one on item?

Updated : January 30th 2007 8.42 PM EST

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple announced its new breakthrough in technology by redefining what we all do at its simplest form. Taking a phone call. Using a phone. It took something that most people good for granted as the de-facto standard in taking calls and redesigned it from the ground up. Usability and design was placed right up there along with technology. At least in my opinion.

Given that no product is perfect, and this does have its share of faults. No 3G for example. That does not change the fact that what it does have is pretty dam good. It’s sleek, sexy looking, and I think it bring with it the social status that we saw the iPod create. After all isn’t that what good products and even more good marketing/advertising campaigns do? It created a wanting that will drive people to go get it.

At an introductory price of US$ 399 and US$ 499 for the 4gig and 8 gig versions respectively it is an extravagant amount of money to spend on a phone that is NOT a smart phone. As I mentioned earlier it is not 3G, does not have exchange synchronization, or office support for that matter. No over the air iTunes Store downloads or WiFi syncing to your host machine. Forget it if you think you can get the cheaper 4gig phone and put in an expandable memory slot to increase it. The iPhone does not have an option for expandable memory, or can you change the battery on it.

That does not change the fact that I would love to have one.

The death of MSN Messenger!

Remember ICQ? Most people reply back to me saying “Wasn’t that some chat program?” with a vague look in their eyes. Usually followed up by the statement “I think I used it at one point a long time ago…” Well I think we are now looking to the extinction of yet another chat application. (Please note the working “think”, thereby implying that these are my own conclusions drawn on my own speculations and have no facts nor proved theorem’s behind it :-) ) Sorry guys I had to drop that in after following a thread on a blog I frequent which sparked up fierce commentary war on having proof of what you say on your blog.

This time I see the grim reaper shadowing over Microsoft’s MSN messenger. Sometime down the road our children or even the younger generation of internet savvy users immersed in video rich Skype like, and much more versatile faster sleeker chat applications in the likes of google talk which also integrates some pretty good quality voice chat will look back on MSN messenger and say “ isn’t that some old fashioned chat program that your generation used?” Scary thought but it’s going to happen. Sooner or later.

To be able to validate my thoughts on why I think MSN messenger is a dying fad, let’s look at what made it as popular as it is now. Hotmail, the first (correct me if I’m wrong) free web based email offered to the public. My first email address. Ohh wow, I can log into msn messenger with my hotmail address? Cool! Everyone who had a hotmail address could now chat with each other on msn. Sweet. Then they introduced Microsoft Passport which allowed you to register your non hotmail address with Microsoft and voila! You can now use MSN messenger with your non MSN email address. A surefire recipe for success. So what went wrong? What makes me think that MSN messenger is on its death bed?

The client became bulky, slow, crashed often enough (at least for me and for people I know who uses it). As more and more features were added it just got bigger and bigger. MSN messenger live, (the big release with offline messaging capability); BIG DEAL, yahoo and ICQ have had offline messaging for donkeys ages. Then again there is the actual coding, pretty sloppy on the part of MSN Live coders. Ever noticed those really ugly “sqmdata00.sqm” named files in your C drive root? Yup, msn data files. WHY COULD’NT THEY STORE IT IN THE PROGRAM FOLDER? It really makes my well organized hard-drive very ungainly having these files right out there in the open!

Recently I’ve had loads of problems sending messages to some of my contacts. A few of them compained that they were not able to receive anyones messages unless they initiated the conversation. Today I received complains from my contacts that their messages to me on msn was not coming though.

Then there is the endless issues with sighing in. How many times have you been unable to log in due to technical difficulties!!! Way to many times to be comfortable.
That being said, let’s look at the alternatives available to us. How many people have got GMail accounts? Clean, fast, very usable, over 2 1/2 gigs of space and increasing. Fancy usefull features every few weeks. I know I still keep my hotmail account around only to log into MSN messenger. With Google talk being integrated into the Gmail interface it’s so much easier to chat on that. Almost everyone I know have Gmail accounts, and a lot of them have started using that to chat instead of MSN. You can chat with your contacts from any web browser and have your chat logs still saved for future reference and accessable from anywhere.
On the other side of the coin we have applications like Skype which I love. Given that MSN has voice and video, the quality of the voice and video in Skype as well as the voice in Google talk is far superior in my opinion.

Well that’s just my two cents worth on the matter. I’m pretty sure that a fair number of you readers will agree with me on this :-) , well at least I hope so.